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I decided to create a cargo account to display some of my work, It’s very much a work in progress however so hang tight!



Creating video content for your business on Shotclip

Check out my blogpost on about the importance of creating great video content for your business along with a short how to guide on doing this with online video editor Shotclip.

Creative Self Project

We were given the project of generating a project that best reflects our creative self.  This could be anything we wanted it to be to showcase our skills, our talent or to encompass what we felt our creative self to be.

We weren’t told what previous projects were like so that it would be a totally organic experience for us and we would generate something unique to us.I went through a few ideas when I was thinking about what my creative self could be. I found it quite hard to try and think of something that didn’t feel contrived or generic.I was originally thinking of making a physical  book encompassing all the writing work I have done since primary school as I have been making up stories and poems since as long as I could write, however, in the end I couldn’t source everything, (since I moved out and “grew up” all my important works have been banished to the attic, Thanks mother). So I decided to do something with editing, maybe a stop motion of old photos and important events in my life. But I didn’t feel like I had enough material, I also contemplated filming a dramatised soap opera version of Dundalk life, but decided that was a bit outrageous (that and the fact no one would partake).

So I decided to create a little timeline of the important events in my life, as well as a little poster to go with it. I wanted to include some of  my inspiration through the years as well as my tweets and how I express my thoughts from day to day, I didn’t have of of footage for editing so I decided to make a little flash video and the timeline would be seen through an eye that represents me looking back through memories. The tree represents growth through the years and the tweets represent all the events going on around me at the minute. The eye represents me looking back and appreciating the events that helped contribute to me and my creative self. I made a little CD box covered in tweets to accompany my timeline as well.

Booki Assignment

Read CM4 2012 Booki HERE

We were given an assignment that was to be part of two modules this year, Current Issues and theories as well as User Theories. The assignment was to encompass the two modules and put our skills of collaboration, communication and teamwork to the test.

We were asked to create our own book compiling submissions from everyone in the class about the topic of collaboration. We were asked to assign two editors and assign topics to all classmates that they were interested in and could add to the book.

Individuals could choose what topics to research and write about. In the hopes that we could add to the knowledge area of online collaboration in the digital age.

We held a Meeting on the 9th of November and decide the roles and the topics everyone would undertake.

Conor and I were appointed as Editors of the book by our classmates. I was happy enough with this role as I tend to correct peoples grammar and spelling on a a regular basis without being asked ( the term grammar nazi has been bandied about!).

Our roles were as follows as decided in the meeting

Editors: Siobhan Gallagher and Conor Moore
Graphics: Elena Rimeikaite

Introduction and conclusion (Siobhan and Conor)
Timeline (Paddy)
Pre-Internet collaboration (Lisa)
Tools (Fionn and Marie-T)
Open Source
Case Studies: (Nicole)
-Booki Assignment (Amy and Lynsey)
-IBM-Innovation Jam (Keith)
-Will Sliney, Monaghan comic artist (Sammy)
-Film-Life in a Day (Eamon?)
-FundIt (Amy and Lynsey)
Pros and Cons of Collaboration (Claire and Melina)
Promotion of Collaboration (Justine)
Future Collaboration (Elena)

Google docs
Social Networks
Creative Commons
Cloud Computing
Google Wave
Team Box

1st Draft: DUE 18th November
2nd Draft: DUE 25th November
Cover work: DUE 2nd December

Cambri, 1.5 line spacing, size 12.

Book will be A5 in size.

We continued to comminicate using the forum and we received the first drafts in and around the 18th of November,  and myself and Conor divided up the submissions to edit and send back to our classmates.

I went about doing this by correcting grammar and spelling and sending back any notes such as more detail needed, more research or structuring of the piece. All in all the quality of the submissions were excellent and everyone really got into the project and seemed enthusiastic. It was interesting to read everyone’s views on collaboration and read the case studies, some of which i had never heard of and really learnt a lot from.

We received the most of the second submissions shortly after the second due date, bar one or two we needed to hunt down! Some we needed to send back and edit again and some just needed a little touch up to put into the book.

The class mainly collaborated using Google Docs and myself and Conor found this was an ideal way to collaborate as we could both see the others edited pieces,the class also submitted documents this way. Booki was difficult to upload and communicate on and we just copy and pasted the submissions into Booki from Google Docs as Booki is a good platform to house the complete Book.

We copy and pasted the final edited submissions and Elena sent me graphics she created for every chapter, she also had cover art but we found there was no where to upload cover art anyway. But we did export our book as a pdf!

I found Booki hard to format, however there are instructions on how to format it properly using HTML, but we did not realise we needed to do this until near submission time, and so we could have formatted better but decided to upload the booki as it was with everyone’s content on time. I felt the quality of content really high and the experience of collaborating on the book was a really good way of emphasizing the importance of collaboration in our chosen field of multimedia.

Women in the Creative Industry. Current Issues and Theories

We are currently studyng the module Current Issues and Theories. We were issued an assignment for project 1. Creative arts project. The project was to create an artefact based on one of these themes

The importance of creativity in recessionary times

Promoting women in the creative industries

The potential of the cloud


Plight of the freelance worker

Outside the box

Film in Ireland

Dundalk as a creative hub

Or a theme of our own choosing

We decided Promoting women in the creative industry would be a good one as myself, Elena and Carol would soon be graduates in the creative industry. We wanted to focus on women graduates and explore the notion that women can have it all in todays society. IN particular the creative industry.

During our research we explored many avenues, we researched surveys already done by skillset in 2010.We came across many startling statistics such as:

A survey by Skillset in 2010 found that 57 percent of graduates in the creative industries are women compared to 54 percent of men, yet if we look at those  WORKING in the industry are 46 percent are male compared with 42 percent of women…
So if women are so well educated in the creative sector why this gap?
What does this mean for the female graduate and *can women have it all*
By carrying out a survey of both men and women
Of our peers

We decided with the information gathered and some interviews from students, graduates, interns and those in the industry we compiled a documentary

Welcome to My Blog….

This is a blog I have set p to display some of my work over the 4 years i have spent in DKIT. Over the years i have worked on projects using Adobe flash, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Protools, Ableton, and 3dmax to name a few. This blog will also document any theoretical subjects and general musings and discussions that may crop into my brainspace!